Supplier/Vendor Information

All information related to a supplier/vendor can be managed from one place. These include vendor's contact detail, payment terms, and accounting entries (transactions) related to the vendor.

Product Information

Manage your purchased product including General Information, Inventory, Sales, and Invoicing from one location.

Purchasing Tracking

Check purchase tasks' status and history of changes, receives status notifications, sorting, grouping or filtering tasks by current status.

Control Products and Invoices

Manage back orders, refunds, product reception and quality control. Control vendor invoices by choosing the right method according to your need: pre-generate draft invoices based on purchase orders, on products receptions, create invoices manually and import lines from purchase orders, etc.

Send PO by Email

You can send PO by email directly just by clicking a button. The recipient's email address and the PO document (generated as PDF) will be automatically added. You can also create your template.

Smart Pricing

Make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, prices depending on quantities and special contract conditions. You can set different prices for different vendors.