Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customization of your existing Solutions

Why totally strip your existing solution if it can be customized?
We can customize your existing Compiere, Odoo, ERPNext, Dolibarr, Opentaps, suiteCRM, Bitrix24, vtiger, Zoho CRM, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart solutions in accordance to your new business requirements.
We understand that a total replacement of your existing solution can be very ineffective and costly. Therefore, we can help you to customize your existing ERP, CRM, or e-commerce solutions based on your new business logics, processes, and workflows.
Get in touch with us at enquiry@techloyce.com.my – we'll assist you in gathering your requirements and then we'll come up with a proposal on how your existing solution can be customized based on your needs.

Tailored all-in-one Integrated Solutions

We understand that there is no one solution that fits all. Therefore, our approach is to conduct requirement gathering sessions with you before we propose a customize solution for your specific business needs. To give you an idea, we provide customized all-in-one integrated ERP, CRM and e-commerce solutions with the following functionalities and features:

Sales Management. Effectively track your sales, optimize your sales opportunity, automate your sales processes, improve your sales efficiency and attain business profitability. You can manage the complete sales order process from quotation to customer order, manage deliveries and invoicing, manage carriers, margin control and reporting, do price management and handle various types of sales discount campaigns and much more.

Accounting and Finance. Provides all functions of off the shelf accounting and finance software such as QuickBooks and Tally, as well as for unique features such as Integrated Analytics Accounting. Accounting and Financial Management system of Odoo is integrated with other system modules such as HR, Project management, Sales and Purchase. The entire accounting process is integrated with projects, timesheets, invoices, etc. thus reducing the manual work drastically.

Customer Relationship Management. Effectively helps you to manage your client interactions, sales prospects, lead management, opportunities management, meeting management, phone calls management, after sales services, in an efficient manner.

Purchase Management. Automate procurement propositions, launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control products reception and check suppliers' invoices.

Human Resource Management. Provides an array of functionalities to address HR needs such as employee management, talent acquisition, holiday and leave management, employee appraisals, attendances, timesheet management, tract expenses, and HR Payroll.

Point of Sale. Provides fast and easy way to manage sales orders. It allows you to manage your shop sales very easily with a fully web based touchscreen interface. The primary function of point-of-sale is to make transactions easy to manage without sacrificing quick, efficient service or customer data. There are different ways of making payments and to split them between different payment modes. Computation of amount of money and creation and confirmation of the pickings are done automatically.

Manufacturing Resource Planning. Manages invoicing, inventory, shipping distribution, logistics and manufacturing processes.

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